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A trusted partner for HME Fleet Tyre and Wheel Management Services

CT specialises in providing comprehensive HME Tyre and wheel management services to Quarries, Mines, Ports & Contractors. We understand that OTR tyres represents a significant cost in your fleet operations. Our services are designed to help you significantly reduce operational costs. Through preventative maintenance and optimized tyre management, you'll experience fewer breakdowns, less downtime, and lower overall tyre expenses. 




Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance

We understand that proper maintenance is key to extending the lifespan of your tyres and wheels and reducing overall cost of ownership. Our services encompass regular inspections and data collection at recurring frequencies to ensure optimisation through, pressure maintenance, rotations, and early detection for repairs and issues before they become breakdowns.  




Advanced Tyre Management System

Using advanced tyre management software enables us to track and manage your fleet's tyres with precision. This allows us to monitor tyre conditions, track performance data, and forecast when maintenance or replacements are needed. This proactive approach helps you optimize running costs, forecast and budget tyre and wheel replacements and reduce unexpected breakdowns. 



Safety and Service

 Our certified and experienced technicians prioritise safety and have a remarkable track record. We employ a modern and specialised fleet of fully equipped truck-mounted tyre manipulators, Designed to safely and efficiently handle large OTR tyres on your site. Our dedication to provide a responsive breakdown service to reduce downtime and increase productivity for our customers is our business. ALL CT OTR technicians are certified with Nationally recognised accreditation RII (Resources and Infrastructure Industry) Certificate II in Surface Extraction Operations – Tyre Servicing for Heavy Duty Equipment, and operate to a high level of industry recognized SWP’s (Safe Work Procedures) 


OTR Tyre Repairs


OTR tyres represent a significant investment. Instead of prematurely discarding them, our repair services can extend their lifespan through professional repairs. 


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